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Starscapes founder Joe Petrashek teaches Ultra-Realistic Bedroom Stargazing that allows you to see the stars every night in your bedroom!









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Hi, I'm Joe Petrashek, founder of Starscapes International.

Are you're exhausted from looking for a job, finding a new way to make money, or searching for a home business for you or someone you love?  Believe me, I've been there too, I know what it's like.

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Let's Think "Way Outside of the Box" For a Moment...

What's different about this bedroom picture below?

People all around the world
are paying hundreds, even thousands of dollars
to get this Starscapes ultra-realistic, authentic 3D Stargazing Experience
in their own home. In their own bedrooms, and home theaters.

No experience needed.  It's quick and easy to do with our program.
We'll show you how to create these amazing cosmic ceilings!  Everyone in your town will want one!  We'll prove it!

Starscapes ceiling during the day - the stars are invisible.

During the day...

your client's ceiling
looks ordinarily plain.



With your STARSCAPES® StarBiz Program, you'll create thousands of stars, constellations, Milky Way galaxy, and even comets and shooting stars. 

Relaxing, romantic, stress-relieving and educational.

For homes, hotels, motels, B&B's, and getaway resorts. 

Starscapes Ultra-Realistic Bedroom Stargazing allows you to see the stars every night in your bedroom!


Simply turn off the lights and watch their ceiling completely disappear like magic... revealing the starry night sky high above the home!

Is it real?  Or is it an illusion?

Everyone loves a romantic starry night sky, but nobody can see it anymore. The city lights have destroyed the view.

Now... anyone can stargaze or go camping under the stars in their own bedroom, family room, or home theater.

Customers find themselves relaxing so fast, they'll have the most restful sleep ever. It actually increases the brain's alpha waves responsible for relaxation.

They can enter their room and pull the shade anytime just to relax, meditate, or sleep under a blanket of stars.

A personal 21st century "holodeck" for the home.

 Why Experts Say...  This is The Best
Home Based Business in the Galaxy!

     Order your complete STARSCAPES® Professional StarBiz Program today (from any country in the world) and start making money this week by easily creating these amazing 3-D murals in all the homes of your town, city, or county.  

     How many bedrooms in just a ten square mile area around you?  There is an unlimited amount of business for you out there!  All you need to do is grab it!  Or... take your "bag o' tricks" with you and see the world!

     When your client's friends, relatives, coworkers and neighbors come over to see what you have created, they too will want it in their home.  Make the appointments, do your "magic".  It's that easy.  Then... Get their friends over and get more customers.  That keeps the "ball" rolling for you with an endless supply of clients.

     You'll receive the complete StarBiz home based money making program via express FEDEX courier, right to your front door.

     This program includes your full education, materials, equipment, tools and supplies to do over 100 rooms.  You will learn in your own home, by yourself, with our materials, in just one or two intensive days.

     The next day, you'll be ready to create and promote your amazing art and make yourself some REAL money, or just use your training as an exciting new hobby.  The choice is yours.

     This opportunity program is not for dreamers or couch potatoes. It's for people who are willing to fulfill their dreams and make them happen.

     STARSCAPES® is the original and only Cosmic Environment Simulator™.  Advertised since 1991 in top business opportunity magazines, thousands have learned these methods in the USA, US, Canada, UK, and 160 countries!  Haven't heard of us before?  That means you need to get started in your area NOW!

     STARSCAPES® is our passion... and soon to be yours! Be sure to see all the pictures and exciting night sky options (including spaceships, angels, fairies) below!


     You'll create this extreme magical effect for your clients in about an hour or two for each room.

     Invisible in daytime, the ordinary ceiling and walls dissolves away at night, as the stars magically begin to shine.  (You'll learn the exact trade secret process when you receive your program.)

     Thousands of glowing stars, constellations, and the Milky Way galaxy, even spaceships, fairies and angels if so desired!

Everyone that sees it...  Wants it!

     Join others like yourself in over 160 countries!  Everyone loves to stargaze... especially in bed!  You can even become a renown licensed STARSCAPES® F/X Artist-Illusionist!

     Be your own boss, set your own rules, and make money.  Whatever you want!  Just need an extra $250 a week?  You can do it. Need an extra $1000? You can do it.  Up to $5,000 or more a week? You can do it!

Reveal the fantasy inside you.


A life changing opportunity finds YOU.


Prove it to yourself today.

Reserve your amazing $200 Value 
STARSCAPES® Introductory Package with the COSMIC ENVIRONMENT SIMULATOR™ Portals!

Simply show it to your family and a few friends,
and you'll see how easy it can be!

(Or go ahead and get your complete business program, The Professional StarBiz delivered so you can begin creating your new, awesome life!  You'll learn about that next...)

Starscapes Skylite is a smaller version of the entire ceiling. Ultra-Realistic Bedroom Stargazing allows you to see the stars every night in your bedroom!

We'll Send The Introductory Discovery Package To You Today So You Can See How Awesome It Really Is!  You'll Be Stargazing in Bed This Week.

It's no joke. Everyone loves to stargaze.
(We've just become to busy, and we've forgotten about them.  And now, in most cities, most of the stars have all but disappeared.)

Get it now... or find out more
about it and this amazing opportunity below...

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"I've been showing the 3-D poster to some friends and they all said,
'I want one!'. I've got 5 jobs booked. My kids are 'dying' for it!
I'm ordering the StarBiz!"

"It's like a dream come true !"

"I was out stargazing last night and realized I was in bed,
and wondered where my ceiling went!"

"I just booked 100 hotel rooms for $500 each! My first job! "

"My kids had ceiling stars with glow-in-the-dark stickers.
Boy were we shocked when we saw the real thing! STARSCAPES®!

"I ordered my free STARSCAPES® 3-D Demonstration Package.
Once I received it and hung them up on the ceiling, my parents, neighbors, friends and I were all amazed and in AWE!

"Wisdom is only learned through time and experience...
I'm extremely happy to have chosen to do business with STARSCAPES®."

"The customer support crew are great!"

"I'll be painting 100 rooms at a local resort... For $200 each! "

"I showed them, and all the skeptics just said WOW! "



Discover More!

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