Starscapes founder Joe Petrashek teaches Ultra-Realistic Bedroom Stargazing that allows you to see the stars every night in your bedroom!









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Let's Think "Way Outside of the Box" For a Moment...

What's different about this bedroom picture below?

People all around the world
are paying hundreds, even thousands of dollars
to get this Starscapes ultra-realistic, authentic 3D Stargazing Experience
in their own home. In their own bedrooms, and home theaters.

No experience needed.  It's quick and easy to do with our program.
We'll show you how to create these amazing cosmic ceilings!  Everyone in your town will want one!  We'll prove it!

Starscapes ceiling during the day - the stars are invisible.

During the day...

your client's ceiling
looks ordinarily plain.



With your STARSCAPES® StarBiz Program, you'll create thousands of stars, constellations, Milky Way galaxy, and even comets and shooting stars. 

Relaxing, romantic, stress-relieving and educational.

For homes, hotels, motels, B&B's, and getaway resorts. 

Starscapes Ultra-Realistic Bedroom Stargazing allows you to see the stars every night in your bedroom!


Simply turn off the lights and watch their ceiling completely disappear like magic... revealing the starry night sky high above the home!

Is it real?  Or is it an illusion?

Everyone loves a romantic starry night sky, but nobody can see it anymore. The city lights have destroyed the view.

Now... anyone can stargaze or go camping under the stars in their own bedroom, family room, or home theater.

Customers find themselves relaxing so fast, they'll have the most restful sleep ever. It actually increases the brain's alpha waves responsible for relaxation.

They can enter their room and pull the shade anytime just to relax, meditate, or sleep under a blanket of stars.

A personal 21st century "holodeck" for the home.


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